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4th Paediatric Kidney Transplantation Symposium- A multi-professional meeting.

Mon 3rd December 2018 09:00-17:00 and
Tues 4th December 2018 9:00-13:00
Robens Suite, Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT

3rd December 2018

08:30     Registration
09:30     Welcome    Prof Nizam Mamode & Cecilia Adamou
09:50     How to achieve pre-emptive kidney transplantation?      Mrs Maria Scanes
10:10     Surgical preparation for kidney transplantation  Mr Francis Calder
10:30     How to manage transplantation in a child with a hostile bladder?     Mr Jonathon Olsburgh
10:50     How do we prepare a child psychologically for transplant?            Sophie Bowden
11:30     What evidence on perioperative fluid management do we have?               Dr Nadine Dobby
11:50     When is it appropriate to decline a deceased donor kidney?         Mr Chris Callaghan
12:15     Plenary lecture : Should children be allowed to be living donors?                 Kristof Thys, Leuven
13:00     Lunch
13:45     When should we perform combined liver and kidney transplant – surgical view    Prof Nigel Heaton
14:15     Medical approach to combined liver and kidney transplant            Prof Anil Dhawan
14:45     How to manage a sensitized child with failing transplant?               Prof Nizam Mamode
15:30  Complex Cases        All
16:30     How to deal with a child with DSA       Dr Stephen Marks
17:00     Close of day 1 and delegate dinner          

                4th December 2018

09:00    When is it appropriate not to transplant?    Prof Waldo Concepcion
09:30    BK Nephropathy- management and outcomes- Dr Jelena Stojanovic
Surgical approaches for the small child   Mr Nicos Kessaris
10:10   Barriers to transplantation   Dr Stephen Marks
10:30     What to do when things go wrong?       Peter Gogalniceanu
11:15  Abstracts
11:45     What is on the horizon medically in paediatric transplantation   Dr Aoife Waters
12:15   What is on the horizon in the surgery of paediatric transplantation            Prof Nizam Mamode
13:00     Best abstract award and close    Prof Nizam Mamode

RCPCH has approved this activity for CPD in accordance with the current RCPCH CPD Guidelines
This meeting is endorsed by ESOT Education, BTS and EKITA

Consultants £90 (£70 before 20th November)
Trainees £70 (£50 before 20th November)
Nurses/Coordinators £20

contact: jelena.stojanovic@doctors.org.uk

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https://www.sprclub.org/assets/uploads/37/PTC 2018 programme v5.pdf

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